40+ of the Best Wineries Near Charlottesville, VA

Jefferson Vineyard

The best wineries near Charlottesville, VA will give you a great opportunity to try fabulous local wines and take in stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounding hills and countryside. Many wineries are also located close together, which makes travel easy and convenient. In fact, The Monticello Wine Trail allows you to easily … Read more

The 11 Best Pizza Places in Charlottesville, VA


Charlottesville, VA is a great vacation destination in central Virginia. It is most famously home to Monticello, the historic house of founding father Thomas Jefferson. It is also the home of the University of Virginia, which was founded by Jefferson. Charlottesville has a number of excellent restaurants, many of which are conveniently located around the … Read more

17 Top Hikes Near Charlottesville, Virginia

Hiking Trail

Looking for the best hikes near Charlottesville, Virginia? Charlottesville is close to Washington Jefferson National Forest, Shenandoah National Park, and the Appalachian Trail, which makes it a great location for some of the best Virginia trails and plenty of hikes with beautiful views! There are also many parks in Charlottesville with even more hiking trails … Read more

6 Top Things To Do in Charlottesville VA


The most famous attraction in Charlottesville, VA is Monticello, the home of founding father Thomas Jefferson, however, there are many things to do in Charlottesville, VA that go beyond this historic site, including museums, shopping, wineries, and outdoor activities. Below is a list of some of the top sites in Charlottesville. Many of these recommendations … Read more

7 Top Hotels in Charlottesville VA

Veritas - one of the The Best Wineries Near Charlottesville, VA

When visiting Charlottesville, VA, there are a number of great hotel options to choose from. Below are some of my top recommendations for hotels in Charlottesville, VA, broken down by location: near Downtown Charlottesville and Outside Charlottesville. Many of the recommendations come from a friend who was a University of Virginia alumni, and who is very … Read more