12 Best Coffee Shops in Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach is one of the top vacation destinations in the commonwealth. It has plenty of great restaurants, shops, water activities, boat tours, and more to help you create the perfect getaway. 

To go along with your stay, there are many excellent places to get coffee in Virginia Beach, which can be a great way to start your sunny day or chill on vacation!

I hope you enjoy some of my top picks for the best coffee shops in Virginia Beach. There are lots of great options to choose from! 

Many of these shops are local companies, and so not only are you getting a great cup of coffee, but you’re also helping to support local businesses!

(Top photo courtesy Fathom Coffee.)

My Top Picks for the Best Coffee Shops in Virginia Beach!
1. Virginia Beach Coffee Co. – Located right on the beach!
2. Roast Rider – Super popular, with a cool indoor vibe.
3. Pourfavor Coffee Shop – Home of the coffee flight!

12 Best Coffee Shops in Virginia Beach

Fathom Coffee

Fathom Coffee started as a small “underground” coffee bar at the office. The founders worked for years crafting the perfect coffee blend. Eventually, they turned their passion for coffee into a full business. 

Fathom Coffee, Virginia Beach, VA
Source: Fathom Coffee

They uniquely package their coffee in mason jars to help maintain maximum freshness. 

Fathom features coffee blends from all over the world, including Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, and Kenya. You can buy it to-go in specially labeled mason jars. 

Fathom has amazing customer service. The passion that the owners have for coffee shines through. When you visit, they’re happy to teach customers more about the coffee-making process. 

The shop has a great outdoor patio where you can sit and sip on nice weather days. 

They’re located in the ViBe Creative District and open daily from 7 am to 12 pm, for your perfect morning coffee mix!

Virginia Beach Coffee Co.

One of the major pluses of going to Virginia Beach Coffee Co. is that it’s located right by the ocean. There is nothing better than enjoying a morning coffee on the beach! 

They feature some food items to go with your coffee, including bagels, sandwiches, and pastries. 

For a decadent coffee treat, try the espresso bomb, which has ice cream, espresso, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce.

Three Ships Coffee Roasters

Three Ships Coffee Roasters has several area locations, including two in Virginia Beach and one in Norfolk. 

Their coffee is uniquely influenced by Scandinavian roasters and the Pacific Northwest, which gives it a different twist than other coffee shops. 

They feature all of your favorite coffees, as well as some specialties like The Survivor (cappuccino, house-made almond cashew milk, and a rotating single-origin shot), and the Pungo Latte (a classic latte with house-made seasonal syrup.)

You can also find some breakfast staples for purchase, like biscuit sandwiches, avocado toast, and a breakfast burrito. They also serve delicious fresh, homemade pastries. 

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii 

Kona Coffee from Hawaii is some of my favorite coffee in the world, so you can go wrong with a Virginia Beach coffee shop that literally started on the Big Island!   

They feature some creative and decadent twists that are island-inspired, including the Monkey Mocha (with dark chocolate and banana), and the Almond Mocha (with Almond, Coconut, and Dark Chocolate.)

They also serve smoothies, including my favorite vacation flavor: pina colada!

For take-home, you can find 100% Premium Kona Coffee, as well as special blends like the Cinnamon French Toast Signature Blend and Butter Toffee Rum Signature Blend. 

One thing to note is that the store is smaller with limited seating if you’re interested in sitting down with your coffee. 

Lynnhaven Coffee Company

Lynnhaven Coffee Company is a cute little coffee shop in Virginia Beach. The interior is decorated with plants, which gives it a nice, homey feel. 

Lynnhaven coffee cup on Virginia Beach
Source: Lynnhaven Coffee Company

You can also order food, including a Breakfast Sandwich, Caprese Panini, Flatbread, and Yogurt Bowl. 

Roast Rider

Roast Rider is one of the most popular coffee shops in Virginia Beach. One of the best parts about going there is that they have lots of seating, both inside and outside. They also have a great and fun atmosphere if you want to sit for a while. 

Roast Rider - one of the best places for coffee in Virginia Beach
Source: Roast Rider

They serve up all of your favorite brews, plus some extras, including the Boujee Blast, which is made with Almond, Banana, Hemp Seed Heart, and Cacao.)

You can also find an assortment of tasty pastries and sandwiches to pair with your morning coffee. 

Perked Up Coffee Cafe

Perked Up Coffee Cafe is another popular local coffee shop that’s conveniently located near the beach and hotels. This makes it a great destination to grab your favorite coffee and pastry and head to the beach to enjoy. 

When you go, make sure to try the iced coffee, which actually features coffee ice cubes! 

Beyond all your coffee favorites, you can also find smoothies and Italian ice, which are perfect for those hot summer days. 

They have indoor seating and fun and brightly colored decor.

Pourfavor Coffee Shop

The cleverly named Pourfavor Coffee Shop is another great coffee shop to check out in town. They’re a Puerto Rican-based coffee shop located off of I-64. 

One of the main things to check out is their very cool coffee flights, which give you the chance to try smaller servings of several coffees! 

They offer several kinds of flights, including the Coach Flight (latte, mocha, macchiato, and cold brew), and the First Class Flight, which includes a latte, mocha, macchiato, cold brew, plus two more drinks of choice. It’s a perfect option for sharing. 

They also feature lots of fancy and delicious specialty drinks, including the Caramel Apple Latte, Spiced White Mocha Cold Brew, S’mores Mocha, and Butterbeer Latte! So you’re sure to find the perfect treat for your vacation!

Pourfavor also serves food, such as sandwiches, paninis, pastries, and the popular and delicious quesitos!

17 Hands Coffee/Robin Simmons Bakery

17 Hands Coffee/Robin Simmons Bakery is your place to go for not only a great cup of coffee but also award-winning baked goods. 

They serve cakes, pies, quiche, sweet potato biscuits, cookies, and dog treats – all made from scratch!

Along with espressos and cappuccinos, you can also find unique drinks like the Maca Mexicano, which is like a spicy Mexican hot chocolate! They also have a butterbeer latte, a birthday cake latte, and the intriguing oatmeal cookie latte!

17 Hands Coffee is very dog-friendly. You can get doggy treats and a Puppuccino (whipped cream for your dog). 

From the bakery, you can find all sorts of mouth-watering sweets, like the Bourbon Apple Walnut Cake, Butterfinger Cake, French Toast Cake, and much more. It’s a great destination to pick up a cake for your next special occasion. 

Sawdust Road

Sawdust Road is another excellent coffee shop and restaurant to check out in Virginia Beach. They focus on handmade, locally sourced ingredients. All of their baked goods come from Prosperity Kitchen and Pantry, and many of their other ingredients come from local farms. 

Some of their specialties include creative lattes like Maple and Sage, Salted Honey, and Honey Lavender. 

You can also find Golden Milk, which is a delicious and very healthy drink that I love to make at home. It’s made with ginger, turmeric, and cayenne. 

For an even more indulgent latte, check out The Bonfire (a perfect match between coffee and s’mores!) and The Sawmill (with chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut). 

They also have a full menu with avocado toast, yogurt parfaits, sandwiches, and more. 

Astraea Coffee

For something unique, check out Astraea Coffee, which is located in a cute home near the Courthouse in Virginia Beach. 

Many of their drinks have a courthouse theme, like the Hung Jury (with honey and cinnamon), The Lawsuit (with lavender and white mocha), and the Double Jeopardy (with white and dark chocolate). 

They also serve a wide variety of smoothies, such as the Free Speech (with chocolate whey protein, oat milk, blueberries, blackberries, bananas, cacao, and honey). 

To go with your drink of choice, Astraea Coffee has a good selection of bagels, wraps, salads, and baked goods. 

Cafe Moka 

When it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee, Cafe Moka takes a different approach compared to most: they focus more on the fruit rather than the roast. 

They feature a big menu that is sure to please any coffee lover. You can find all of your favorites, and then some. Cafe Moka also serves up Espresso Cubano (with sugar) and a Mokatini (a chilled drink made with four shots of espresso, dark chocolate, and cream). 

You can also find plenty of delicious specialty lattes, like the Toasted S’more Latte, Cinnamon Peak Latte (with cinnamon and white chocolate), and Cafe Caribbean Latte (with coconut). 

Beyond coffee, Cafe Moka makes specialty smoothies, including the Peanut Butter Smoothie, Strawberry Silk Smoothie, and Chocolate Bliss Smoothie. 

You can even get Mexican Spice Cocoa (so good!) and a Golden Tumeric Latte. So you have no shortage of amazing options!

Where to Stay in Virginia Beach

If you’re looking for a place to stay on your next vacation in Virginia Beach, VA, then check out some of my top recommendations below!

Hyatt Place Virginia Beach Town Center

Hyatt Place is a great place to stay in Virginia Beach. It has a central location near the boardwalk and beach, plus it has great amenities like a pool, fitness center, and included breakfast.

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Coastal Hotel & Suites Virginia Beach – Oceanfront

Coastal Hotel & Suites has a perfect location right next to the boardwalk and ocean! It also has a swimming pool, hot tub, and a great breakfast.

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