North Carolina to Virginia Drive: Best Routes & Stops

Great Smoky Mountains National Park - one of the best stops on the drive from North Carolina and Virginia

A North Carolina to Virginia drive can give you a lot of options for fun road trips in the region.  The two states are relatively easy to travel between, particularly because of I-95, which is the main highway that not only runs through both states but also runs all along the east coast.  Whether you’re … Read more

12 Best Coffee Shops in Virginia Beach

Fathom Coffee on Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is one of the top vacation destinations in the commonwealth. It has plenty of great restaurants, shops, water activities, boat tours, and more to help you create the perfect getaway.  To go along with your stay, there are many excellent places to get coffee in Virginia Beach, which can be a great way … Read more

14 Best Things to Do in Cape Charles, VA

The water near Cape Charles VA

If you love the beach and outdoors, then Cape Charles, VA is the perfect destination for you!   There are many things to do in Cape Charles to make your next vacation there memorable. In particular, Cape Charles has several major preserves and parks where you can go kayaking with dolphins, see millions of birds, and … Read more

Swimming With Dolphins In Virginia Beach: How To Guide 2023

Rudee Dolphin Tours - one of the best ways to swim with dolphins in Virginia Beach

If you’re looking for a unique experience to swim with dolphins in Virginia Beach, then you’re in luck, because there are many options for you!  Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins are commonly spotted around Virginia Beach, VA, particularly in the summer months of May to September. Dolphins are playful, smart, graceful, beautiful, and an incredible sight to … Read more

16 Best Things to Do in Colonial Beach, VA

Ice House Brewery - one of the best things to do in Colonial Beach, VA

Colonial Beach is located in the Northern Neck along the Potomac River. It is also the birthplace of not one but three Presidents: George Washington, James Madison, and James Monroe!  Among the many things to do in Colonial Beach, VA, you can find a wide range of attractions, including historic landmarks, wineries, state parks, and … Read more

16 Best North Carolina Beaches Close to Virginia

North Carolina Beach

Virginia is home to many great beaches, particularly around Virginia Beach, the Northern Neck, and Eastern Shore. There are also a large number of great North Carolina beaches close to Virginia. Many of these beaches can be reached within an hour or less of Virginia, which makes them the perfect summer escape.  North Carolina beaches have … Read more

15 Top Things to Do in Portsmouth, VA


The city of Portsmouth is located near Norfolk on the Elizabeth River. It is in the Hampton Roads area of Tidewater Virginia. Portsmouth is just 35 miles west of Virginia Beach, 27 miles from Newport News, and 50 miles from Williamsburg.  Portsmouth is a perfect destination for history lovers. Portsmouth’s rich history spans over 200 … Read more

The 8 Best Museums in Portsmouth, VA

Science Museum

The city of Portsmouth is located in southeastern Virginia. It is separated from Norfolk by the Elizabeth River. Portsmouth is in the Hampton Roads tidewater region of the Commonwealth of Virginia, just 20 miles from Virginia Beach, 30 miles from Newport News, and 7 miles from Chesapeake. The city has a number of great museums … Read more

The 12 Best Virginia Beach Boat Tours


Virginia Beach is one of the best water destinations in Virginia, so it’s no surprise that the city offers a wide variety of excellent boat tours that are great for the whole family! A boat tour will give you an unforgettable opportunity to see bottlenose dolphins, whales, seals, bald eagles, seabirds, and more!  There are … Read more