Best Tents For Stargazing in 2022

One of my favorite activities is stargazing. For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by astronomy, and I love gazing up at a clear night sky and wondering about all of the stars, planets, and other celestial bodies shining back at us.

I even studied astronomy in high school, and over the years I’ve read many books on astronomy. Some of my favorites are the classic Cosmos by Carl Sagan, The Elegant Universe, and The Fabric of the Cosmos (both by Brian Greene). To get you in the mood for stargazing, I totally recommend reading some of these titles!

One of my favorite ways to study the night sky is through a telescope. I still remember the joy of getting my first telescope for Christmas back when I was 10 years old. It remains, to this day, one of my favorite Christmas gifts ever.

Another perfect way to enjoy stargazing is while camping. Parks, beaches, and campgrounds are also likely to be far away from the light pollution of major cities and suburbs, which will give you an even clearer view of the night sky.

There are a lot of great National Parks in Virginia that are perfect for camping and stargazing, particularly Shenandoah National Park. You may even be treated to a perfect clear night sky and a view of the Milky Way!

The below guide will help you find the best stargazing tents based on your budget and what features are most important to you.

Top Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash.

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What to Look for in a Tent for Stargazing

When looking for the best tent for stargazing, it’s important to find a tent that has as many windows as possible to allow for the best visibility of the night sky, while still keeping you, your friends, and your family comfortable and safe.

Many of the best tents will have a mesh shell, including a mesh ceiling, and large mesh windows that allow for great, unobstructed views of the sky.

Another main feature to look for is the quality of the tent.

Is it sturdy? Is it able to withstand heavy rain and wind? Is it waterproof, weatherproof, or water-resistant? Does it come with a rain fly to help keep out rain? Is it a 3-season tent or an all-season tent?

Tents also come in different shapes and styles. Dome tents are shaped like an igloo and are often made from transparent material. This makes them excellent for stargazing, but because of their transparent walls they will lack privacy. Dome tents also tend to be larger, heavier, and more expensive than other tents.

Backpacking tents are typically very lightweight and can be easily carried on your back when hiking. Some weigh as little as 2.8 pounds.

You will also want to know how quick and easy the tent is to assemble. An instant tent is a tent that can be put up in a very short amount of time, sometimes in as little as 60 seconds, and with very little effort.

This is due to the fact that instant tents come with the poles already attached and folded into the tent design, which saves time and effort from having to attach the poles to set up the tent.

You can learn more about the Best Instant Tents for Family Camping, some of which also appear on this list.

Other tents are regular tents that can take as much as 10 to 20 minutes or longer to assemble. These tents do not have the poles pre-assembled.

Another important thing to consider is how many people will be using the tent. Tents come in many different sizes, ranging from single-person tents to 10 and 12-person tents. Some larger tents even have multiple rooms and the capacity to fit queen air mattresses.

Where are the Best Places for Stargazing?

The best places for stargazing are going to generally be away from a lot of light pollution. You will also want to find a place that frequently has clear skies with less rainy or overcast conditions. It’s also ideal to go on a night with a new moon in the sky. A full moon will cast off a lot of light pollution in the night sky.

Many National Parks are great locations, though you’ll want to find a spot that doesn’t have as much tree coverage since trees will block your field of view of the night sky.

In general, higher elevations will give you better visibility, however, higher elevations can also have more variable weather and clouds that could impede your view of the sky.

You can find a great list of some of the best places in the U.S. for Stargazing. It includes Mauna Kea observatory in Hawaii (where I was lucky enough to personally go stargazing!), Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah (which I have also visited, and it is a fantastic park to visit both during the day and at night), plus Denali National Park and Reserve in Alaska.

Best Tents for Stargazing Comparison Chart

Top Pick ForProductCapacityFeaturesPrice
Large WindowsClostnature Lightweight Backpacking Tent2-4 people-Waterproof
Click Here for Price
Unobstructed Views for a Great PriceAlvantor Pop Up Bubble Tent-Transparent 360 degree views
-Dome tent
Click Here For Price
Holding Up to the ElementsMSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent2 people-Waterproof
-DuraShield Coating
Click Here for Price
Larger GroupsColeman Sundome Camping Tent2-6 people-Weathertec
Click Here for Price
Ultralight DesignBig Agnes Copper Spur HV UL – UltralightBackpacking Tent2-3 people-Ultra lightweight
-mtnGLO Tent Light Technology
-Extra storage
Click Here for Price
Easy Assembly and CraftsmanshipMountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent2 people-Lightweight
-Large windows
Click Here for Price
Unobstructed ViewsCZGBRO Bubble Tent5-7 people-Transparent 360 degree views
-Dome tent
Click Here for Price
Solo CampingEureka! Solitaire AL1 person-Lightweight
Click Here for Price
Good Combination of Price, Size, and WeightKelty Grand Mesa Backpacking Tent2-4 people-Lightweight
-Carry bag
Click Here for Price

Clostnature Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Weight5 to 7.4 lbs
Dimensions35 square feet to 78 square feet
Capacity2 to 4 people

Best Option For: Large Windows

The Clostnature Lightweight Backpacking tent is an excellent choice for a great stargazing tent. It is a very lightweight tent at just five pounds, which makes it easy to carry while hiking. It is made from waterproof material and is able to withstand the elements. It comes with a rainfly for added protection.

One feature that makes it so great for stargazing is that it has a very large mesh window on the sides and roof, which allows for excellent viewing of the night sky.

The Clostnature tent also comes at a reasonable price, making it one of the best value tents you can purchase.

The tent comes in a variety of different sizes too. You can choose between a 2-person tent, 3-person tent, or 4-person tent.

One negative is that the tent doesn’t hold up as well to colder temperatures due to its large mesh window.

✅Great price❌Not as good in colder temperatures
✅Large mesh windows
✅Comes in different sizes

Alvantor Pop Up Bubble Tent

Weight16.5 to 37.5 lbs
Dimensions36 square feet to 225 square feet
Capacity4 to 10 people

Best Option For: Unobstructed Views for a Great Price

The Alvantor Pop Up Tent is perfectly designed for optimal stargazing. It is a bubble tent with 360-degree clear views of the night sky and surrounding area, thanks to its transparent design. The Alvantor is also more affordable than some other bubble dome tents.

The Alvantor comes in a variety of sizes, from a 36 square feet version all the way up to a 225 square feet version. This means it has plenty of room to accommodate a large group, air mattresses, and furniture.

Despite its transparent design, the tent is able to stand up to the elements. The top cover is waterproof, and it holds up well to winds and cold weather.

The tent is also very easy to set up and take down.

The two main drawbacks to a bubble tent are that it is heavier than other tents. It is really best suited for backyard camping or traveling with the tent in a car.

✅More affordable than other bubble tents❌Lack of privacy
✅Unobstructed 360-degree night sky views❌Heavy
✅Comes in different sizes❌Best for backyard camping
✅Quick and easy set up and take down

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Weight3.8 lbs
Dimensions29 square feet, 39 inches center height
Capacity2 people

Best Option For: Holding Up to the Elements

The MSR Hubba Hubba Backpacking Tent is another good stargazing tent. It is an even lighter option at just 3.8 lbs. It features large mesh walls and full mesh roof for a large viewing area. It also has features to withstand high winds and rain, including Xtreme Shield Waterproof Coating and durable Easton Syclone Poles that can withstand strong winds.

✅Ultra-lightweight❌Higher price point
✅Able to withstand high winds and rain
✅Large mesh roof

Coleman Sundome Camping Tent

Weight7.5 lbs
Dimensions35 square feet, 4-foot center height
Capacity2 to 6 people

Best Option For: Larger Groups

The Coleman Sundome Camping Tent is also one of my top picks for best instant tents for family camping. It comes in a wide variety of sizes, with a capacity of 2 people all the way up to 6 people. This makes it a great option for larger groups and families. The tent also features large windows and storage compartments.

It is a little heavier than some of the other options in this list. It can be set up in about 10 minutes.

✅Comes in a variety of sizes (2 to 6 people)❌Heavier than other models
✅Waterproof❌Longer setup time
✅Large screen windows for great sky viewing

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL – UltralightBackpacking Tent

Weight2.8 lbs
Dimensions29 square feet, 40 inch center height
Capacity2 to 3 people

Best Option For: Ultralight Design

The Big Agnes Copper Spur Ultralight Backpacking tent lives up to its name. It is only 2.8 lbs, making it one of the lightest tents on the market. It also comes with mtnGLO Tent Light Technology, which provides interior lighting without the need for a headlamp.

The Big Agnes Tent also comes with extra storage in bins that are off the ground, plus compartments for storing your phones and other devices.

The one downside is that all of these special features do come at a higher price point than some of the other models.

✅Ultra-lightweight❌Higher price point
✅Built-in tent lights
✅Extra storage bins

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent

Weight5.53 lbs
Dimensions35 square feet, 43 inch center height
Capacity2 people

Best Option For: Easy Assembly and Craftsmanship

The Mountainsmith Morrison 2-person tent is another solid tent choice for stargazing. It is easy to assemble and is well constructed. It also comes in at a great price for the high quality construction.

The tent holds up well to heavy rains, thunderstorms, and winds. It also stays comfortable in extreme heat and cold.

The Mountainsmith Morrison also has two doors, a canopy, rainfly, and bathtub-style floor.

✅Sturdy construction❌A little heavy for a backpacking tent
✅Able to withstand heavy rain and wind❌Zipper gets stuck easily
✅Bathtub-style floor
✅Two doors

CZGBRO Bubble Tent

Weight39.9 lbs
Dimensions107 square feet, 7 feet center height
Capacity5 to 7 people

Best Option For: Unobstructed Stargazing Views of the Sky

The CZGBRO Bubble Tent is the ultimate option for unobstructed night sky views. It features a transparent dome with 360-degree views of the sky and surrounding areas. It is heavy, weighing 39.9 pounds, and so it is definitely the best option for either backyard camping or driving to your campsite.

The CZGBRO Bubble Tent is incredibly durable. It is waterproof and able to withstand wind up to 31 mph and snow up to 90 pounds. It also has plenty of space, with an incredible 7-foot center peak height, 107 square feet of space, and a capacity of up to 7 people.

For all of these great features, the CZGBRO Bubble Tent is one of the most expensive options out there. Also, note that, because it is transparent, the tent doesn’t offer much privacy.

✅Great visibility with 360-degree transparent dome roof and sides❌More expensive
✅Waterproof❌Less privacy
✅Large capacity❌Heavy

Eureka! Solitaire AL

Weight3.2 lbs
Dimensions21.5 square feet, 2 feet 4 inches center height
Capacity1 person

Best Option For: Solo Camping

The Eureka! Solitaire AL is the perfect tent for a solo camper. Though it’s small in size, it has enough room to accommodate a single person lying down with a sleeping bag. On a clear night, you can just lay back and enjoy the stars from the comfort of your tent.

The Eureka also has an easy setup and can be assembled in seconds with a simple two-pole tunnel design.

The Eureka is also a great backpacking tent, with a light weight of just 3.2 pounds.

✅Great price❌Small size
✅Great for solo camping❌Not much storage space
✅Lightweight❌Zipper issues
✅Easy and quick to assemble

Kelty Grand Mesa Backpacking Tent

Weight5.05 lbs
Dimensions30 square feet, 44 inches center height
Capacity2-4 people

Best Choice For: Good Combination of Price, Size, and Weight

The Kelty Grand Mesa Backpacking Tent is a good compromise between being lightweight (but not ultra-lightweight), a good size (with a capacity of 2 to 4 people), solid material, and all at a good price.

The tent comes with a large mesh roof and walls for great views of the sky, plus a rainfly to provide more cover.

It also comes with a carry bag to make it easier to pack up and store.

✅Good price❌Heavier than some other backpacking models
✅Solid construction❌Small size for two people to fit comfortably
✅Large mesh ceiling and walls

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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